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How to easily change color in Adobe Photoshop

how to change any color in adobe photoshop

Let’s get started! Open up your Adobe Photoshop software and follow the steps below.

open file
  1. Right click on any image in your computer folder and open with Photoshop
  2. Your image will appear in the artboard like the picture above
  1. Right click on the Selection Tool
  2. Activate Quick Selection Tool
  1. Select Add to selection
  2. Click the drop down button
  3. Select the size of the selection tool by moving the lever to the left or right, or insert the exact value in the box
  1. Gently make a selection above the object you would like to change the color where in this case the scarf. Once done, the subject will have a selection like the image above.
  2. Duplicate the selection multiple time by pressing “Ctrl + J” on your keyboard, or you can right click on the layer and select duplicate layer
  1. If you choose the second method, you will have to rename the layer one by one until the last layer you wanted to duplicate
  2. Click OK
  3. Your layer will be displayed like above, and toggle off the eye icon next to the layer thumbnail like in the image displayed above to hide the layer
  1. While the first duplicated layer is still selected, click Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation…
  1. Change the value of the Hue by moving the lever to the left or to the right, or simply insert the exact value in the box
  2. Repeat the same step to the other layer to see other result as well

Well done!

Once you have repeated the steps above, you might have beautiful result as above.

Now, you can save your time doing photoshoot. Your model do not have to change her scarf multiple time anymore. Just with one photoshoot, then you can hire a designer to do it for you!

Stay tuned for another tutorial!

Source of model : Benang Hijau



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