Let’s get started! Open up your Adobe Photoshop software and follow the steps below.

  1. Right click on any image in your computer folder and open with Photoshop
  2. Your image will appear in the artboard like the picture above
  1. Right click on the first layer
  2. Click Duplicate Layer…
  3. Rename the new layer
  4. Click OK
  1. The new duplicated layer will appear above the first layer
  2. Toggle off the eye icon by clicking on it
  1. Choose Move Tool
  1. Click Select Subject in the Properties Panel and the Photoshop AI will scan for the main object
  2. Click Remove Background and the background is removed

Next, it is additional and optional. You might want to add another image or layer behind your main subject. So follow this step;

  1. Clik on the icon “Create new fill or adjustment layer” at the bottom of the layer panel
  2. Click Solid Color
  3. Choose what color you want to use
  4. Click OK

A new solid color layer is created above your previous layer. We need to rearrange the layer position. Move the Color Fill 1 below Background copy like displayed the image above.

Well Done!

You have successfully removed a background from your main subject. Please note that this step is doable if you are using version 2021 and above.

Stay tuned for another tutorial!

By Ismet Fitri

Seorang Digital Marketer, Website Designer, Graphic Designer, dan Video Editor yang mempunyai 5 tahun pengalaman dalam bidang pemasaran digital. Berkeupayaan untuk membangun laman web berunsur e-dagang, blog dan korporat. Founder of cikgungaji.com dan peminat teknologi.

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